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Ira J. Cooper
, son of Nathan Cooper, co-founder of Ben Cooper Inc, grew up working at the factory and experienced the ins and outs of how the business worked, how founders and employees interacted with each other, and was witness to the creation and manufacturing of the costumes, from concept to sales shelf. With all of his experiences we should expect some very interesting stories.


Jon Miller
is an author, producer, screenwriter and avid fan of all things Ben Cooper. He is delighted to be working side by side with the Coopers to bring the beloved Ben Cooper brand back to life in all its vintage, Halloweenie glory.  He won’t stop until the lights of the legendary, family-owned Halloween costume factory are once again burning bright, and Ghosts and Ghoulies of Halloweens past are churning out all manner of collectibles inspired by those vividly illustrated masks and costume fronts recalling a friendlier, simpler time in America.


The social media manager, project manager, and inquiry contact. Shifra
Estelle, daughter of Ira Cooper, is who you have been interacting with all over social media and through e-mail. She is keeping the wheels turning and the guys on track with 5am updates and a Morticia attitude. Are you surprised we are now referring to her as The Queen of Halloween? Follow Shifra Estelle Instagram and Twitter: @shifra_estelle






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