• Bringing back the Nostalgic feeling to Halloween is a welcoming proposition to this 55 year old.Ben Cooper costumes are a huge part of the simpler days when you could walk into the five and dime stores ,pick out your costume and be all set for a party at school or a night of trick or treating, I will look forward to seeing them on the stores’ shelves once again , and will purchase a few myself, as a collector of monsters ( the classics) my inner child welcomes the idea of revisiting those days of innocence .

    Doug Stokes
  • I hope you all do all new costumes like your old costumes…. with the rubber band around the back, and the fireproof plastic mask of current movies, shows, and even retro movies, and TV shows, and horror movies, and classic universal monsters, or similar ones to them. Classic Hammer horror actors, and actresses…the original Salem’s Lot movie/mini series. Cartoons… etc. I hope you also put them in similar boxes like your classic costumes… I had my mom buy several of your costumes in the late 1960s, and throughout the entire 1970s… and I have pictures of me wearing most of them. I hope they will be available at all the major retail stores. I know I used to buy a lot of mine at KMart back in the 1970s… but Target, Walmart, and Party City would be great also in major stores today…. and of course online in your shop.

    Tim Cotter

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