Adam West, Original Batman by Ira Cooper

Adam West’s Batman was Ben Cooper’s Batman. Without Mr. West and his ability to make a comic book character absurdly real, there would have been far fewer Batman’s sold at a time when comic books, though immensely popular, were not driving the toy industry to the same extent as television and its commercial tie-ins, technological innovations, and proliferation.  Adam West brought Batman to life in so many memorable ways. First, his was more inter-generational than George Reeve’s Superman could ever be, what with Reeve’s version having come from the era of even smaller screen black-and-white television and its earliest technology, not to mention a time of different mores and values. West’s Batman was of the modern age and, at Ben Cooper, we were innovating and producing for that new generation. It was a perfect match in many ways. But this is about Adam West, not about Ben Cooper. Many people will have a lot to say and a lot of ways to personally remember West. Let’s watch, listen, and appreciate.

 Batman Adam West Vintage Original Batman

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